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We carry a large variety of brand names in all price ranges. Below are just some of the brands that we carry in our optical boutique. If there is a specific designer frame that you are looking for, please call and speak to one of our frame experts, who will be more than happy to assist you.

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We also offer the stylish and affordable Casino Frame and Lens Package that includes a frame and single vision lenses starting @ $130


Name Brand Sunglasses- Largest Selection of sunglasses!

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  • Computer Eyewear - Did you know that the average American will spend about 6-hours per day on a computer, How many hours do you spend at a computer in a day? New lens processing technology has been introduced that can focus your vision not only for distance and/or reading, but also at room distance and computer specific distances. Lenses like the¬†Varilux Interview & Nikon On-Line¬†are ideal for reading, meetings, desk work, computer work, cooking and handyman activities - anywhere you need your immediate and reading vision to be clearer.
  • Sports and Safety Eyewear
  • From Rec-Specs, Titmus, and On-Guard. New ANSI Z87 Safety Standards now allow your lenses to be made 30% lighter and thinner than before with the use of polycarbonate lens materials. New frame designs combined with the thinner and lighter lenses and were not talking your dads safety glasses anymore.
  • Windless Eyewear
  • Panoptx & Wiley X. Whether you are cruising the back roads of New Hampshire or spending a day on the slopes, windless eyewear will change your experience. Also available for severe dry eye therapy.
  • Eyeglass Lenses
  • We use the latest in technology in our optical laboratory and feature the highest quality lenses such as Varilux Progressive Lenses and Crizal Avance with Scotch Guard Anti-Reflective lenses that will help to reduce the annoying glares while repelling dirt and fingerprints and have a 2-year scratch warranty. Transitions VI are also available in all lens designs and give a fast changing variable tint to your lenses, so when you are outdoors they are sunglasses and indoors they are clear.
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  • Contact Lenses
  • Compare our on-line prices with other on-line ordering vendors and you will see service and price can go hand-in-hand. All soft and hard lens designs including single vision, mono vision, bifocal, sports wear, and colors.

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Whether you require a great pair of prescription eyeglasses, custom fit contact lenses or just a complete and thorough eye examination, let Eye Appeal provide all your vision needs.

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